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How to make SlightlyWorks use fonts

Question asked by Chris Canterbury on Dec 1, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 2, 2015 by Chris Canterbury

I deal with this progressively more horrible program every day, as most of y'all do as well.  Many times every single frickin' day I deal with StupidWorks not doing what, by the options set, it should be doing.  WTF?  I have the various view labels set in the options.  (I've quintuple checked this.)  Every got-damm time I project  a detail, section, or auxiliary view, the label is all flocked to hell.  The font size isn't even consistent.  I'll get "SECTION A-A" and the like.  Even when I un-tick Use Document Font and change it, it will often revert to the extra stupid way it originally labeled it. 


The options are set to make everything 10-point.  What gives?


SWX 2015 SP4 Hotfix 893815