Nick Vande Waerdt

Suppressing equations for different configurations

Discussion created by Nick Vande Waerdt on Oct 5, 2007
Latest reply on Oct 7, 2007 by Kelvin Lamport
Can someone explain to me how to suppress equations for differentconfigurations?  I am trying to apply a multiplication factorto a sketch dimension using equations.  For example, I want D2to be 2.00 in my CONFIG1.  In CONFIG2, I want D2 to bemultiplied by my multiplication factor (X=1.5 as declared inEquations), so D2 now solves to 3.00.  However, this equationneeds to be suppressed for CONFIG1.  I cannot get thisaccomplished, and SW Help does not explain it clearly.  

I know I could just change the dimension manually for eachconfiguration, but I want to apply this same multiplication factorin several places on the part, plus I will probably have to adjustthis multiplication factor after the parts are actually bent.

Anyone have some insight for me?

Nick VW