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Do you propagate assembly features to your Toolbox components?

Question asked by Jody Stiles Employee on Dec 1, 2015

Hi all,


I'm looking into an issue where we are currently allowing assembly cuts to be propagated to Toolbox parts (think of a hole drilled through a bolt head at assembly time to pin it).  We're looking at blocking the propagation since it doesn't seem to be a workflow that anyone would want.  The issue is that if the cut is propagated to the Toolbox component, it will show up in every other assembly using the same component and in most cases this is not desirable. 


So my question to you is...

Do you ever want to propagate an assembly cut to a Toolbox component and have it show up in all assemblies using that component?


Thanks for your insight




p.s. I'll be posting this in the Toolbox forums as well with a re-direct to this thread for replies.