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    My SOLIDWORKS drive

    Alessandro Tornincasa


      I was experimenting My SOLIDWORKS Drive with A Folder inside my Google Drive account.

      I couldn't find any detailed explanations of this portion of the My SOLIDWOKS Portal, does anyone have more pieces of information.


      I've read this interesting article by Michael Lord:


      My.SolidWorks Drive Incorporates eDrawings – Dropbox & Google Drive #SOLIDWORKS #eDrawings | Michael Lord


      From there I experimented a little bit, and here are my findings:

      - You can open a model and directly view it in a web viewer that has the same level of functionality of esrawings viewer

      - You can rename the file

      - You can download it

      - You can delete it

      - You can share it with anothe user registered at My.SOLIDWORKS


      Are there other benefits or functionalities I'm not aware of ?