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2016 Place a dimension does not jump to edit it

Question asked by jeremy brock on Dec 1, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 17, 2016 by Bhavarth Sharaf

Hopefully I can explain this correctly.


-I click smart dimension in a model sketch.

-I pick my two points of the sketch I want to dimension.

-I place my dimension.

-The dialog props to where I can edit it.

-The rough dimension stays highlights for a split second then un-highlights and places the text curse at the end of the dimension.

-I then have to go and highlight the entire rough dimension and type in the correct dimension I want the sketch to be.


In previous releases when you place the dimension and the dialog props the rough dimension stays highlighted so I can just type my correct dimension in the dialog prompt and press enter and move to the next one. You wouldn't think it but having to re-highlight the rough dimension then edit is a pain in the butt and takes just that second or two longer to dimension a sketch.


Is this a bug in 2016? or a setting that I have/or/don't have selected.