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Add draft on imported part

Question asked by Stefan Fredriksson on Dec 1, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 14, 2015 by Buvanesh Balaji



Perhaps this topic has been coverd before and I have been searching the forum for similar questions but yet I havent found anything.


Today we work only with customer parts and make them ready for casting. So our workflow is that we recieve their parts, inport them in solidworks and then we add maching allowance and draft.

Very often we cecieve parts that are without draft and the we begin by decide where to place the parting line. Very often it is not a plane one but rather difficult one. I the example given below I have taken an easy part (only a cube with splitted parting line.


When I Add draft I need to ADD material from the two bottoms and up towards the partig line. This means that the draft angle needs to be different depending how fare it is from the bottom up to the parting line. How do you guys out there solve this. I'ts easy when you can "remove material and use the parting line option in "draft feature", but the other way around. I dont know which way to walk and I cannot believe this is so uncommon because it should be "everyday" for tooling maker and pattern shops.



From the beginning there is no draft and we have decided the parting line. ( i Know, that we in this case particular should off course choose a straight one but for the question regarding we need a splitted one)



After the first draft feature I recieve 3degrees on one side


And after the other draft feature I have 3 degrees on the other side but they dont match up...


Another thing that I need to do is to begin by split the part into two bodies, otherwise the draft will "destroy" the parting line.



Any help regarding this topic is very much appreciated