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Installation fatal error

Question asked by Florent Meyer on Nov 30, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 8, 2015 by Lee Davis


I'm a French student and was able to use SolidWorks 2015-2016 without problems on Windows 8.1.

But I installed W10 and since I cannot use SW anymore. It freezes and doesn't answer anymore. Some programs took time to run again (iTunes !) so I waited till this week. But I really need SW and it still refuses to work.

That's why I tried to uninstall it. I can't be very precise as it's complicated, there are many details I forgot but here's a summary :

- I tried to uninstall SW with the Windows "Programs and features" menu which sent me to the Installer. I chose incomplete, partial uninstallation.

- Then I tried to re-install SW with the installer, just choosing "Install only". But I got an error message.

- I tried to download SW again then, but it told me the folders were full.

- I tried to uninstall manually by deleting the folders manually in the Documents.

- It finally accepted to download all the files again in another folder/destination. But when I install all these things, I get 2 error messages at ~ 20%.SW1.PNGSW2.PNGSW3.PNGSW4.PNG


I don't find what I need on the website and the error names aren't on it.

What can I do or expect from the technical support ?

Please help me !