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Viewing eDrawings files in Solidworks

Question asked by Justin Andre on Nov 30, 2015
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I have an eDrawings drawing file that I would like to view in solidworks.


I know this is possible as I had a drafter in my company help me convert the edrawings to solidworks. By "conversion" I mean the file was saved in a type of  format that I do not recall, and voila; I was able to open the edrawings file into solid works.  However, I was not able to dimension the drawing at all but that was ok since all I needed to do was update the drawing template to my company's drawing template. This was done by saving each separate component of the drawing as text blocks, and dragging them to the side while I updated the drawing template.


Can anyone help me? I do not need to edit the drawing at all, I simply need to get the drawing into solidworks, plain and simple.  I've tried saving the file as a type that solidworks would recognize to be able to open, but file types do not match in the edrawings "save as" options, and solidworks "open" options.