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How can i get routing pipe lengths to "round-off" and combine?

Question asked by Jerry Mosier on Nov 30, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 28, 2015 by Mladen Pavlovic

Dear Routing Gurus,


I have been having this trouble for years, and am hoping that somewhere along the way someone solved this and I just didn't notice.


I currently have a route with 61 items in the BOM.  Currently, 40 of them are pipes (I have "Display configurations of the same part as separate items" checked to give me a different BOM for each nipple length), however, there are quite a few that show the same pipe length for the same diameter as different numbers.  I believe this is due to the fact that I "only" have it accurate to six decimal places (in the route itself, not in the BOM).

See items 27 & 28, and 40&41 in the picture below:

route bom question.png

Items 27 and 28 both show up as " 2" " in the route assembly, and the BOM, but they are not combining.  Same for 40 & 41 (but for a different diameter pipe).


I want to give our pipe-fitters a list of the pipe nipples they will require, but would like it to have as few items as possible, with no duplication.  Is there any way to make SW realize these pipes are the same, even though they are off by as much as .000005"?  My pipe fitters are good, but they aren't THAT good.


Thank you,