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How to dynamically build Toolbar bitmap

Question asked by Alexander Schaaf on Nov 30, 2015



i am trying to make a AddIn toolbar with dynamic CommandItems that start standard SWX *.swp macros. For this case i prepared an ini File, that should contain all information needed for the callback of the button. The background is pretty simple, we have about 50 pc's running solid with different needs of macros. I started sorting them out, but the maintenance is really too much work. So each PC is getting different Macros without the need to copy the SWX User Settings.

The Ini file looks like the following:


Assembly=ShowInAssembly Boolean
Part=ShowInPart boolean
Drawing=ShowInDrawing boolean


What i need now is something to manipulate the bitmaps so i can use them as icons for the macros. I think this should work simple because they all have the same resolution (48x48)

Is it possible with VB.NET to copy thos bitmaps at runtime to one toolbar icon so i can use them with CreateFileFromResourceBitmap method?


Or am i thinking to difficult? Hope someone gets the idea and can help me.