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Can I Task Schedule an "update from vault" with Workgroup PDM?

Question asked by Anthony Boyd on Nov 30, 2015

We don't use Toolbox for fasteners. We have created a handful of parts, with design table driven configurations, for hex nuts, socket head cap screws, etc.


We check them out of the Workgroup PDM, but with "read-only, no write access".  if we need to add a new configuration, we take write access, make the change and put it back in the vault (release ownership, keeping local copy) before using the newly updated fastener.


Our problem is keeping the local copy of the fastener file up to date. If another engineer makes a change, the vault file could be newer than the one in another engineer's working folder.


Is there a way to use Task Scheduler to update the files from the vault? I can see a "update the file" task but this seems to be a "rebuild" of the feature tree rather than an update from the vault.


Many thanks.