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    Cannot open Solidworks 2015

    Michael Whitney

      Cannot open Solidworks 2015 student edition on Windows 10.  I've been trying to fix this problem for quite sometime as this same program worked when I used windows 7.  The situation has progressed from when I originally posted questions about this same subject earlier.  Now when I click to open Solidworks it asks me if I want to allow the app to make changes to my PC.  When I click yes or no nothing happens.  Where do I go from here?

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          John Burrill

          Try setting the program to run in Windows 7 compatibility mode. In the start menu, find the SolidWorks program group, right-click on the Solidworks shortcut, select Open File Location...
          in the Window explorer window, right-click on the shortcut and select Properties

          In the SolidWorks properties Window, activate the Compatibility tab, turn on compatibility mode and set it to Windows 7.


          See if that does the trick.

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            Jim Wilkinson

            Hi Michael,



            I would suggest that you not open a new thread for the same problem in the forum. Otherwise, users trying to help you will get frustrated and not have all the information about what has already been suggested or tried. If you post back to your original thread, it will get bumped to the top of the recent activity list so people will see it, so there is no benefit, but only downside of starting a new thread.


            From that other thread on Windows 10, there are a couple areas of concern:

            • You are running a student edition and that is not officially supported on Windows 10.
            • It sounds like you are likely running a home version of Windows 10 and that is also not supported.
            • In your very first thread that you posted before either of these two threads on Windows 10, you said you upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 8.1 and had the same exact problem so this may point to something else with the machine, not just the OS.
            • In your last thread, you said you have a Dell Latitude e6430 with Intel HD Graphics 4000 and NVIDIA NVS 5200M. If you go here Graphics Card Drivers | SOLIDWORKS  and look for that computer and/or those graphics cards, you will see that none of them are listed so it isn't officially supported hardware and you very likely will encounter problems of some sort.


            No one form SOLIDWORKS can officially support you since you are running unsupported hardware and an unsupported operating system. Other users may be able to help you try to get it to work but even if you get it started, you will very likely run into performance, stability, and other various problems. However, there are many tools for you to try to help yourself too and if you still have problems, then posting the information from doing these things will aid in other users helping you. But eventually, you may find that you just need to get a supported OS and supported hardware for it to work.


            To confirm whether your hardware is supported and to help troubleshoot issues, you can use SOLIDWORKS RX as documented here:

            2015 SOLIDWORKS Help - SOLIDWORKS Rx

            and here:

            2015 SOLIDWORKS Help - SOLIDWORKS Rx


            The diagnostics part of that tool will help you understand whether your hardware is supported, and if so, whether you are running the correct drivers. Then at the bottom of the diagnostics page, there are two safe modes you can try starting in. One will run in software OpenGL mode (which will be slower, but will not try to use your accelerated graphics card, so if the card and/or driver are not supported, that may work and show that the cause is the unsupported hardware. The other safe mode bypasses your user registry for SOLIDWORKS in case that is somehow corrupt. This blog post has very good information on using SOLIDWORK Rx:

            SolidWorks Rx - The Computer Doctor Is In