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Can I download Solidworks from online? (without cd)

Question asked by Felix Rauter on Nov 28, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 19, 2015 by Stratos Raptopoulos

So I am a Student of the HTL Moessingerstraße in Austria, Europe. My teacher gave me the Product Code/Registration Number for Solidworks 2015/2016, but he can't give me the CD with the Installationprogram. Now the Question: Can I download the Software from online/website?


If anyone wants a proof of my existence: Bence Balazs

                                                                 Jesserniggstraße 12

                                                                 Klagenfurt A-9020


My school: HTL Mössingerstraße

                  Mössingerstraße 25

                   Klagenfurt A-9020


Greetings Bence.