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Solid Outlook problem

Question asked by Ulaş Kaya on Nov 28, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 15, 2015 by Dennis Bacon

Hi I'm Ulaş Kaya

i have kinda Bad Problem About My SolidWork.

when we taking a section any model type (as a 3d Solid Item) The model Middle Side or inside never been stuffed solid always look like thisaa.JPGthis Selected places must be solid right but i make so many solutions about to fix it as in program setting/options or my NVİDİA GeForce GT 525M 4GB Screen Card Basic And High Level Setting even try Get Reser Both Of them setting but this shit ever work,


but i wonder about nearly 1 year abo i work on my computer with 3 Visual Studio And 2 3ds Max By Autodesk my computer cooling system has givin a report to some about issues and i removed the colling system from my computer (this is not a cpu cooling system) (this is general cooling for every places build for myself) just 2 min later my computer has shot down after when i open all the program before the shot down vs working good , 3ds max working good there no problem about the video card but but i  doubt about this problem show your face for this is anybody say something how to fix that issues or tech problem