Fraser Port

More ram has helped

Discussion created by Fraser Port on Nov 27, 2015

I thought I might post this info about adding extra ram.


Lately I have been importing 3D point cloud files of complete aircraft which were around 3.5 GB which of course caused SW to freak out.

It quickly soaked up all 16GB ram I had currently installed. I increased this to 32GB which helped for a few more minutes until it also got chewed up but to cut a long story short, after adding the extra ram I have noticed quite an improvement to general speed of everything (especially drawings and assemblies). I haven't timed anything but it feels quicker opening and rebuilding and generally more responsive and dare I say it more stable.

Ram use was usually around the 8GB mark for most of my work so thought 16 was plenty I never worried about it but for those that wonder if more is better, even if you dont 'need' it, I would say go for it.