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    EPDM in 2 offices 2 archive server necessary?

    Sebastien Carre

      I have 2 Sites 1 site with 5 users and one with a single user. I will install EPDM on the main site for other users but what can I do?
      1 ) Establish an archive server?
      2) Or is it possible that the user connects directly with a local view ?
      3) Another idea ?
      For the 2 nd solution I think it should depend on the quality and speed of the internet connection ... The user regularly open large assembly 1500 pieces 200-300 ... What connection speed would it take ?
      According to you it would be the best solutions to implement ?

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          Ravi Teja


          I suggest to have a local archive server at each site.I have had clients who had Connectivity speec between offices similar to LAN speeds but latency still plays its role.

          having a local server will ensure the all the sites have a consistent performance almost always.(Unless the file is yet to be replicated)




          Ravi T

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            Derek Lawson



                 I wouldn't say that having a replicated archive server for 1 user is necessary, but it can be helpful. The user could set up their local vault view pointing back to the main server to get their files, but again, depending on the latency of the connection it may turn into a headache for them. If it's convenient, I would recommend that they have their own archive server set up with a scheduled replication to ensure that they are working in the most efficient way possible.


                 If you are not able to get another archive server and have to connect the single user's local vault view back to the main server, I would recommend that the user get the latest versions of many files at the end of the day if they have the available space. That way it can copy files from the main server onto their machine over night and they wouldn't have to worry about the lag of getting the file during production hours.


            Does that help?


            Derek M. Lawson

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              Sebastien Carre

              Ok it's great thank you for your answers. I'll do some tests on the quality of the connection ( bandwidth and latency) between the 2 sites. I think at first I will not install archive server ... but I may change the situation if performance is not satisfactory.