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Surface Smoothness for CAM

Question asked by Dr B.A. Hutchinson on Nov 27, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 30, 2015 by Dennis Miller


This is a simple 2D part with a curved surface at one end. The curve is generated by the simple cut of an arc.



The smoothness of the curved surface shown on the screen in Solidworks is defined by the 'display settings', however when I export the model into CAM I would expect there to be no approximation but an accurate definition of the curve.



Here you can see the part brought into Edgecam and you can see that the curve is composed of 6 straight line sections. It was exported from SW as a Parasolid X.T. Although we run SW2016 our Edgecam is an earlier version and therefore will not accept native SW2016 files hence the .x.t. conversion. When this part is machined the 6 sections are clearly visible (see below) so I do believe it is related to the definition of the model. Are there any settings related to the tolerance of Parasolid exports or can anyone suggest where the problem might lay? (Just as an additional note .STEP imports behave in the same way ). In the past we have had no such problems, this has only arisen since we have switched to SW2016.

curve 4.JPG

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