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Driving a dimension to produce a specific mass/volume

Question asked by Gordon Rigg on Nov 27, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 27, 2015 by Leszek Paprota

Is it possible to drive a dimension on a feature with an equation so that the resulting finished part has a specific volume or mass?

for example if I have a part consisting of a rectangular extruded boss, can I make the length of the extrusion update to keep the part a specific volume, as I add features onto it and extrude cut stuff of it?

Alternatively, perhaps it might only be possible to make the part oversize and then drive the size of a final cut feature to hit the target volume/mass - so it then updates when previous features are edited (within limits of course).


If that is possible, my next question is can you have a part with a feature that is equation driven to keep the centre of gravity in a specific position?


All my research so far suggest both things are impossible, and that we have to iterate the design of our part manually to adjust mass and centre of gravity.

(though if we just add or subtract a simple shape the mass calculation is simple enough).