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    Can't change drawing formats

    Chris B.

      Hi All,


      Changing drawing templates isn't working


      We have a new A4 template.  I saved it as a Sheet Format

      We open an old A4 drawing, click on Sheet1->Properties and Browse... to the new format and click Ok

      It won't change.


      No matter what format I select, it simply won't change to anything.


      Anyone experience that, or have an idea how to fix it?



      SW2015 SP4

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          Dennis Bacon

          I managed to duplicate your issue. Got to Options > Document Properties > Drawing Sheets and see if "Use different sheet format" is checked. If it is then when you select a new format as you described it will not change. If you unselect it the format will change. Try unchecking it and see what happens.

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              Chris B.

              Nice work Dennis.  Unchecking that does allow us to change the sheet format (of Sheet 1).

              However we'd like to keep it checked so that sheet 2 is a different format (without Revision block, etc).


              I guess the work-around will be to uncheck that box when changing the overall format, and then check it again before we add extra sheets.

              Unless someone can think of a better way?  Or SW fixes this somewhat buggy behavior.

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                  Dennis Bacon

                  I agree Chris,,, I have managed to set my template up (I was much smarter then) to, when I start a new drawing, both sheet 1 (with title block etc.) and sheet 2 are in the template. That way when I go from sheet 1 to sheet 2 I can just add new sheets with the sheet 2 format. That has been working well for years. This is the way my drawing template opens.

                  Sheet 2

                  If I don't need additional sheets I just delete sheet 2


                  Edit:... Just wanted to add that if you do it this way you do want Sheet format for new sheets checked. That way all new sheets have that format.