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    How can I draw this?

    Jsadjs Dhasdhasdh


      This has to be in first angle projection. I have a lot of questions regarding this drawing.

      • Which Plane do I need to chose
      • What are those dashed lines
      • Do those dashed lines represent the inner part of the drawing or outer?
      • On the curved surface I am pretty sure I need to create a sketched fillet but how do I create the axis of revolution?
      • What are those double dashed lines?
      • Do I need to use a revolved extrude in the end?
      • How do I make this 10 diameter pipe and connect it with the other shape?



      I got so many questions. I am a beginner and got a hang on basic concepts. 

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          Jose Araujo

          This is a simple part, but:


          You are Mechanical Designer?

          You know how to use SolidWorks?

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            Jody Byram

            As Jose implys, these are basic questions that any mechanical designer should know already...


            1) any plane will do to start with, I'd use top plane out of habit.  several other planes may need to be created as you go.

            2&3 ) dashed lines are hidden lines, showing the edge of inner diameters in this case.

            4) fillets are created tangent to two faces, so revolution axis is not needed

            5) Double dashed lines indicate a threaded inner diameter

            6) You can make a revolved base/boss, or an extruded base/boss, but not both at once.  A "revolved extrude" kind of like saying a "straight circle" .. it cannot exist. The only part that might need a revolve is the tapered section inside the right cylinder, but I did it with a 10 x 15 chamfer..

            7) I don't see a 10 dia pipe anywhere...the 10 wide webs are tangent to the cylinders on each side.


            Make a layout sketch like the one below, then convert the needed entities from it to each new sketch as you build the part from bottom up.


            fitting.GIFfitting 2.GIF

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              Kelef Man

              hei'ya Jsadjs,

              welcome to the forums,

              here's my take on the inf supplied

              it's only a sample/representation

              as there are missing dimensions



              see att. prt file and use the roll back bar to see how I arrived at the model

              I think you should work thru the SW help file tutorials and maybe

              read up on engineering drawing and standards to get a good understanding

              of the types of representations used

              ie: centre lines, construction lines, tapped holes,etc

              I used revolved features,

              but you can also use extruded bodies and extruded cuts

              and other features- what ever feels best for you

              hope this helps getting you started - have a good'n kelef


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                David Sloop

                This is simple high school (or even earlier) drafting and blueprint reading.

                If you don't know this, you need to go back to school, or at least get some text books and do some reading before even trying to learn Solidworks.

                Spend some time reading some drafting books, and doing the lessons.

                You need that basic knowledge before trying to create models and drawings that you expect someone to make.

                Coming here asking basic questions and expecting us to hold your hand and spell everything out for you is not going to help you in the long run.

                Many of us have many years experience, and at least some basic schooling to get the knowledge we have.


                Not trying to offend you. Just laying out the truth.

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                      Jose Araujo

                      I'm sorry but David spoke wrongly. This piece is too complex for beginner.

                      What we want is that you have more knowledge before making pieces that complexity.

                      Get nervous, thus responding is not correct.

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                        David Sloop

                        I'm not trying to be superior...

                        I'm just saying that if you don't know that those "dashed" lines represent hidden features, you do NOT "have a hang on basic concepts"

                        If you are currently going to school for drafting / CAD, then you should talk to your instructor.

                        If you are working somewhere in a beginner position, then you deinitely need to pick up some books and do some reading, and work thru the tutorials in Solidworks.

                        I stand by my statement.

                        As I said, I'm not trying to offend you, but just offer you frank advice.

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                            Paul Salvador

                            ...geez... Big Group Hug!...


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                              Frank Schiavone

                              I agree with you 100% David.  I see a ton of this on the PTC forums:  Help, do my job for me!


                              Ahhhh, no.  If I see someone that looks like they are capable, have done most of the leg work, and are simply asking for help to learn, then yes, but that doesn't seem to be the case here.  And if he's trying to make a model without understanding the print, he's over his head and needs to learn that first.


                              I'll go further, I learned it the hard way, with over 30 years in the field starting with AutoCAD in '86, and 19 years on Pro/E.  I got some help along the way, but mostly I was determined to learn it myself, and I think I'm more skilled because of it.  Today, it seems people just flock to the i-net, don't contribute anything, don't want to actually learn anything, but simply want someone else to figure out for them quickly.  In other words, they'd rather google it, than learn it.  Kids these days..... 

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                                  Deepak Gupta

                                  Frank Schiavone wrote:


                                  Today, it seems people just flock to the i-net, don't contribute anything, don't want to actually learn anything, but simply want someone else to figure out for them quickly.  In other words, they'd rather google it, than learn it.  Kids these days..... 



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                                      Dennis Bacon

                                      Thanks for making me chuckle...

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                                        Kelef Man

                                        hei'ya Deepak Gupta, Jsadjs Dhasdhasdh, Jose Araujo, Jody Byram,

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                                        Merry Christmas



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                                        these are not my gifs- I just googled them and

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                                        thank you to the guys who did do - thnx



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