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why does epdm offer a transition when conditions not met? (see SPR 528753)

Question asked by Barry Cavanaugh on Nov 26, 2015
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perhaps this is an epdm bug...


For a given excel file, I wan to control which users are permitted to perform a transition based on what folder the file resides it. I have several transitions set up that have the same source and target states but each transition has a condition that determines whether or not that particular transition will be triggered based on what folder the file resides it.


Yet, the actual behavior of ePDM is that it is offering the user ALL of the transition options when they right-click on the excel file, even if the conditions are not met. For those transitions, if the user does select the transition, the user is then told "the conditions are not met"....why is ePDM offering these transitions to the user if it knows that the conditions are not met?


ePDM does properly handle the transition where the conditions are met


I looked in the knowledge base and there is some mention of a  problem like this...


has anyone else seen this behavior? I think I might have a workaround but it would require more work...


from the knowledge base:



SPR #:



SolidWorks PDM



Fixed in:

none none


Enterprise PDM


SWPDM - Workflows

Customer Impact:






RMB >> Change State options are displayed even when the transition conditions are not met when the actual transition is carried out




DS SolidWorks does not guarantee that this SPR fix will be available in the indicated future release of the
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