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Installing pdm workgroup vault on windows 10?

Question asked by John Layne on Nov 25, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 25, 2016 by John Layne

We currently have only 2 users and a small vault (45gb) running on a dedicated Windows 7 machine (not officially supported but has worked fine for several years). The vault PC is a Server grade machine ECC RAM with a RAID 10 array. It was installed on the Windows 7 machine to bypass our outsourced IT department, to enable Administration access and control of the Vault server.


Has anyone installed PDM Workgroup Vault and server service on a Windows 10 machine, if so any issues? I'd also like to know if anyone has upgraded their Windows 7 vault machine to Windows 10 and any issues they have experienced?


Sorry if this has been asked before, I have searched, but find this forum layout confusing, when compared to the old version (it's easier to search this forum using google than the search function that's built in). Would be interesting to know if participation in the forum has decreased since the layout was tinkered with.