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Composite isogrid panel surface modelling/simulation problem

Question asked by Josh Lister on Nov 25, 2015

Hey all,

So I've got a bit of a problem, was wondering if anyone here might be able to help.



Essentially I am modelling a simply supported composite plate with an isogrid stiffner (see image below), to be simulated for load testing.






1. Am i able to model isogrid and plate as two surfaces, join them together about the same plane and apply offset thickness, with plate going from bottom up and isogride going from top down like so






2. will that also cause issues if i am trying to simply support the plate? wont the fixtures be applied about the mid plane surface?






3. last issue, if i model the isogrid as a surface or a solid, it will have issues with mesh connectivity with the plate. So i created a split line of the isogrid onto the plate and meshed that which connects the isogrid and plate at joins well. but on the plate surface it looks like mesh lines cross. is this just the mesh of the plate through thickness? or do i have an issue here?






Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!