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Drag & Drop Blocks in DraftSight?  Please point me in the right direction...

Question asked by Dan Bertschi on Nov 25, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 2, 2015 by Dan Bertschi

Many moons ago, I started learning SolidWorks and AutoCAD at the same time.  Coming from Computer Vision 4 (d'oh! now you know how old I am...), I chose to concentrate my efforts on SolidWorks & 3D design & never looked back.


I'm currently working for a company that creates drawings, similar to electrical schematics & flow charts, to express a logic system used with safety interlock equipment.  What I hope to accomplish is the following:


  1. Create a library of drag & drop blocks (icons) that have connection points. (think Visio).
  2. Create automation tools that might count/itemize the blocks and report a BOM type of chart that would indicate what products are needed to complete the scheme.
  3. Provide these tools (with free DraftSight) to our sales people & customers.
  4. Anything else that might help automate the process & educate our customers.


I'm not expecting anyone to do my work, but I'll take any time saving tips regarding block creation (meta-data use included), what key words to search on, etc.  I'm just looking for a nudge in the right direction, since I've managed to avoid most Autodesk products during my career!  I'm choosing this path, of course, because of the free DraftSight license.  I want to empower our customers with these tools to hopefully increase our market visibility, and increase sales.


Wish me luck & thanks in advance for any responses!