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    Slack in electrical routes

    Ben Huntley

      After changing the slack percentage setting in "electrical routing options", how do I get cut lists on drawings for existing harnesses to update?

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          Ben Huntley

          I'll answer my own question... There's doesn't seem to be a way to automatically update the length used in the cut list.  However, I was able to get the newly calculated cut length to show only after I made a manual change to the wire routing.  These are the steps I followed after changing the slack percentage from zero to my new value of 5%:

          1.) While editing the default (not flattened) configuration of the harness I selected "edit route", and then "edit wires".

          2.) I picked one of the wire routes in the "Wire From-To List" and then clicked on "Select Path".

          3.) I deleted the current selections, and then manually reselected them in the correct order.

          4.) When I clicked on the green check to confirm the path, all of the other calculated path lengths updated using the new slack percentage.


          I think going forward it would be better to have the slack percentage associated with individual routing assemblies, rather than as a system option.  Otherwise, unintentional path (and cut) length changes could happen if two different operators are working on the same harness assembly and their "slack percentage" settings do not match.