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When importing global variables from a file into the design table or `Equations', is it possible to un-select all variables?

Question asked by Chris L'Esperance on Nov 25, 2015

Here's the problem:


Consider an external file which contains many global variable names and values, to which numerous parts and assemblies are linked.  Now consider a simple part driven by three global variables which is linked to the aforementioned, external file.  If I simply link the part to the external file, all global variables are imported to the equations of the simple part.  Should I choose to edit the values of one of the mere three driving variables, I now face a non-trivial delay while SW re-computes values for each of the global variables.  Had I imported only the three driving variables and chose to edit one value, after submitting my changes, I would face only a trivial delay as SW re-computes values, error-checks, etc.


The problem is that in order to import + link only a few select variables, I have to manually de-select every other global variable.  When one has a sizable list of global variables, this is a painful exercise.  So, when importing global variables from a file into the a part or assembly Equations, is it possible to un-select all variables OR invert selection?


Any thoughts/comments are greatly appreciated.