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How to find a SOLIDWORKS User Group in my area?

Question asked by Sarah Dwight on Nov 25, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 25, 2015 by Jeff Mirisola

I am finding it difficult to find accurate information about SWUG's in my area.


I select the "Join Groups" icon on the SW Home screen, followed the steps, and it is apparent that the only group by me, SCNJ-SWUG, is non-active and only has 5 members(myself included). Bummer. So I joined the NYC-SWUG because it is sort-of close by and there are more people, but there is nothing on their event calendar either.


But I also tried another way to find a SWUG by selecting the SWUGN link on the map page.

Which took me to the webpage... is SWUGN a separate entity?? YES.

So I select the "Find a Group" link. Which took me to a different map... that told me there were a bunch of groups in my area, 3 of which are in NJ!

... but they all lack anything else besides a main contact.

All of which I contact and the only one to reply is CNJ-SWUG... which is not on the SW site. Their next meeting is in February.

So I checked out SWUG-NYC and they are having a meeting on 12/09/15. I had no idea!


Why doesn't the SW and SWUGN website information coincide?

How do I get updated information about meetings and such?