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EPDM Task: Set Part Material & Configuration Variables.

Question asked by Donald Grunloh on Nov 25, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 25, 2017 by Ales Svoboda

I would like to set up an EPDM task using a custom macro that performs the following functions:

1) Check-out Files

2) Open File

3) Set part material to <insert material>

4) Add variable to each configuration and set value

5) Rebuild/Save

6) Check-in File


I have items 2,3,4,5 figured out using a macro based on work done by Deepak Gupta (how to change material in multiple parts ).


Rather than use the "Browse Folder" function in this macro I would like to run this macro as a task.  Trouble is I cannot figure out how to check-out/check-in the files properly.  Any input is appreciated.


I have attached the macro I currently use (outside of EPDM) to perform the task.