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EPDM Variable Search?

Question asked by Michael Dekoning on Nov 25, 2015

I've created EPDM searches using the API over the years but recently had a need to write one that included a variable value. I was surprised that the search result seems to be showing files that are in the <private state> even though they do not have that value in the data card. We just upgraded to EPDM 2015 SP4. Wondering if anyone else has seen this.


IEdmSearch5 srch = vault.CreateSearch();

srch.FindFiles = true;

srch.FindFolders = false;

srch.FileName = "%.sld%";

srch.Recursive = true;

srch.StartFolderID = vault.RootFolderID;

object varname = "Drawing Number";

object varvalue = "XXXXXXX";

srch.AddVariable(ref varname, ref varvalue);

IEdmSearchResult5 res = srch.GetFirstResult();

while (res != null)


     // do some stuff

    res = srch.GetNextResult();