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Solidworks 2014 performance enhancement question

Question asked by Grega Jerin on Nov 25, 2015
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I have some problems with Solidworks 2014 running as fast as I would want it to run. I think that I can make it a little bit faster to work, but I need some help. When I work with large assemblies I get a problem in this case: switching from drawing to part, then I make small edit on part and when I want to switch back to drawing, update takes a lot of time (30-40 seconds). In overall drawing reacts quite slow. In last case it was drawing with three sheets, for weldment. First sheet has weldment with all details shown, on second sheet I have all parts for weldment dimensioned and third sheet for balooning positions.


Let me tell few things about my hardware. We are a small company with two engineers. We have two computers on LAN and we work through Solidworks collaboration. First computer has Intel Xeon W3580, 12GB RAM and Nvidia Quadro 2000. It has one hard drive for system and one for data. Both are HDD, not SSD. We use that computer as a main storage for all our files. Second computer is linked to first via 1000Mbit/s switch (tested LAN speed is about 500Mbps). Second computer has Intel Xeon W3690, 16GB RAM and Nvidia Quadro 5000. It also has one hard drive for system and one for data, also HDD, not SSD. Both computers run Windows 7, SP1, 64bit and Solidworks 2014 SP5.


With above mentioned problems I came to reading this article:

I got Solidworks to perform better but problem with updating drawings on part edit still exists. I thought that it was a network related problem, but when I open same assemblies on first PC (one that has files stored local), problem also appears. PDM is too expensive for us at the time, so we resort to collaboration. Above article also tells me that I benefit a lot from RAM upgrade and switching to SSD disk. I don't know what to try first. For switching to SSD there is also question which disk should be SSD. System disk with Solidworks software installed (on both PCs) or my main data disk on first PC, which I also have mapped on second PC? Maybe some suggestions? Thanks in advance!