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    Mesh refinement away from walls

    Steven Taggart

      I am currently simulating gas flows through a pressure relief valve, due to the compressible nature of the flows there are significant pressure and velocity gradients in the flows. There are also shock waves within the valve that have to be captured in the simulation.


      My question is regarding mesh refinement, so far using the controls I can refine the mesh next to a surface or wall, this help my simulation but I also need to have refinement control away from the wall well into the fluid flow to capture the shocks.


      Anyone any ideas on how to refine the mesh in this manner?


      Thanks in advance

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          Amit Katz

          You're in luck Steven, this software has solution adaptive meshing refinement built in. From your project data tree, right clikc on "Input Data" and click on "Calculation Control Settings." Go to the "Refinement" tab and there you can adjust the settings. You can play with the refinement level, the frequency of refinements, and you can set limits to the total number of cells generated.

          The software will attempt to automatically split cells with high flow gradients into smaller cells. You can specify where you want this to occur (global domain, local initial meshes). This method isn't exactly bulletproof, because as far as I can tell the software never merges multiple cells with low flow gradients to make up for the extra computing power needed. So your mesh size will only grow, and it can grow extremely large if you are not careful about your settings and limits.