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Linking features

Question asked by Robert Higgins on Nov 25, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 25, 2015 by Casey Bergman

Hi all


I'm trying to use standard hardware models to create features in other components. This was a simple exercise in Unigraphics, but Solidworks has me stumped, so obviously I'm doing something stupid.


The simplest one I'm trying to use is a cam for locking joinery components together (see attached). Pretty simple model, a 20mm boss with a flat at 9.5mm, with a 5mm pin sticking out from the flat area.


Once I bring it in from the library and position it I want the cam model to produce a 20mm dia by 13dp hole in one component, with a 5mm x 12dp hole in it's mating part.


I don't need to produce tables or have the part infinitely variable, these are simple everyday items of fixed size. We recently brought SWood as an add-on and it has several library features doing this, so it must be possible.


I feel a bit stupid asking. In UG it was a simple right click on a component or feature of a library part to have it create links. Any help I can get in educating my dumb ass will be greatly appreciated.