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Is there a way to set computed BOMs in EPDM to read-only?

Question asked by Joe Morton on Nov 24, 2015


I've been researching and testing BOM functionality in EPDM and I found some behavior that I think is unintended. If a users has a model checked out, they can edit variables in the BOM directly, but there is no data validation.


Here's an example:
User has a part checked out. User views a BOM containing that part. User can edit the Description of that part directly in the BOM and save, which then updates the part data card. All this is as expected. What I think is unintended is this: if the Description variable is set to limit the number of characters, the BOM entry method ignores this data validation and accepts the update anyway.


Does anyone know of a way to set the BOM to read-only (but keep it visible) so that this kind of error can be avoided?


We're using Enterprise PDM Build 15.1 (B745) Maybe data validation during BOM edit has been fixed in later versions?


Thanks for your feedback