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Drawing revision in BOM

Question asked by Marc Gibeault on Oct 3, 2007
Latest reply on Oct 5, 2007 by Marc Gibeault
Hi all,

On the main assembly drawing we show an exploded view and the main BOM.
On this BOM it's fairly easy to show the component's current revision. But for it to be complete we would need to show the component's drawing revision (our drawings have a two-level revision scheme like 03.05, where 03 is the part revision and 05 the drawing revision, the latter being chages that do not affect the 3d model).

I guess I would need a custom revision in the part file that would fetch it's drawing's revision? That would be triggered on check-in where PDMWorks can search for the relevant drawings...
But I think this won't work because changing a property in the part file would increment it's revision each time a 2d is changed.

Any idea?