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BOM item numbers do not match balloons

Question asked by Josh Chapman on Nov 23, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 31, 2017 by Andrew Wright

I have a good sized assembly with about 45 item numbers which I am creating a 5 page assembly drawing. It has 7 different configurations to show assembly of different sections.

The first sheet of my drawing shows the entire assembly and the BOM which references the assembly view on the same page.

previously I have had a hard time getting the bom to display the correct quantity of components (i.e. screws and washers).  I think i have solved that now by carefully making sure the configurations were complete and that the parts are all included.


Today's problem: The item numbers on the BOM do not match the item numbers in the balloons throughout the drawing. Sheet 3 has 2 isometric views of 2 different configurations. the balloon item numbers do not match the item numbers in the BOM.

if I put balloons on the iso view on page 1 the numbers are correct but i need the balloons on the other 4 pages.


apparently there is a disconnect somewhere between the configurations and the BOM.


Anyone know what this is doing and how to fix it?