Tyson Hueppelsheuser

Any one else have troubles installing toolbox files etc in Solidworks 2016 SP0.1?

Discussion created by Tyson Hueppelsheuser on Nov 23, 2015

I had a lot of issues automatically downloading "toolbox_ansi_inch.exe"  and all the other toolbox spec file. I had to manually download them all and then once i had downloaded them I had to attempt to continue install about 10 times as it would only unzip and install them one at a time. Then it would say that the rest of the files didn't download and to download them manually. which they already were. so I i would hit continue install and it would eventually unpack all of them except for "Toolbox_torrington_inch.exe" which it just said time after time that it wasn't downloaded. However after about the 5th time i downloaded it and placed it in the correct folder and hit the continue install button it finally unpacked it for some unknown reason... So all in all it only took all day to install Solidworks 2016 SP0.1. Hopefully the rest of the program runs smoother than the install.