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Cutlist properties do not transfer correctly from master part to derived parts while using the “Save Bodies” feature.

Question asked by Angelo De Dominicis on Nov 23, 2015

Hello all.


Today i´ve stumbled upon what seems to be a bug, but i´m not sure.


Starting with a multibody weldment part (Pieza Maestra.SLDPRT) for which custom cutlist properties have been defined, i need to use the “Save Bodies” command in order to derive an assembly from it.  IMG 1 shows how “Copy properties to new parts / cutlist properties” was setup to perform the task. I've also attached these parts.


Cutlist properties for this part, which we will call “Master Part” from now on, are shown in IMG2. Some variables such as “BoundingBox”, “Longitud”, “Ancho”, “Espesor”, are defined in terms of SW internal variables related to bounding box functionality. IMG2 shows such definitions. As a side note, this is SW 2015 SP4.0. in spanish.  SW-Longitud would be SW-Lenght, SW-Anchura would be SW-Width and SW-Espesor is SW-Thickness. All hardcoded system properties such as "SW-Mass"


Definitions work erratically. When concatenated together as shown in the “BoundingBox” property definition, evaluated values often are wrong, showing the variable name instead of evaluate it.


If I happen to copy that definition, paste it on “Espesor” field and delete SW-Anchura and SW-Longitud (SW-Width and SW-Length in English), “Espesor”´s definition breaks and does not evaluate correctly to “10”. “Longitud” and “Ancho” definitions work OK.


On the derived part corresponding to the solid body whose cutlist is shown in IMG2, cutlist appears like the one shown in IMG3


This time, “Espesor” property evaluates correctly as “10” (!!!!), like it should have been in IMG2. Moreover, “BoundingBox” property which was rightly evaluated in master part now shows an invalid value not converting SW-Anchura anda SW-Longitud string to their corresponding values. This is confusing because it behaves unpredictably.


Any thoughts?