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Re: Save As... Macro (Private Function/Sub Question)

Discussion created by Kevin Chisholm on Nov 23, 2015
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Just a quick question...


I'm adding the SA-000000-00.SLDASM exceptions to my macro.

Before adding the assemblies exception to all the lines of my macro,

would there be a way to make them separate and calling one or the other?


Would I have to make a new Sub Assemblies() and a Sub Parts()?

How do you call out other Sub programs from the main?


On another note, I'm currently researching Private Functions to be called to do these lines:

swModel3.ClearSelection2 True 


swModel3.ForceRebuild3 False 

swModel3.Save2 Silent


since they come up often.


No luck yet since I always get an error. Not giving up just yet!


Thank you for your time,

Kevin Chisholm


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