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    mate reference to sketch

    Rob Schuurman



      Is it possible to use a sketch for placing some parts with mate references?

      I have a 3D-sketch with some circles and a like to place in a fast way some couplings to this circles.

      I tried it, but it looks not possible direct on the sketch-circle. Is there any other fast way to do this?






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          Glenn Schroeder



          You can Mate to sketch entities.  I do it often.  Where is this 3d sketch?  Is it in the Assembly, or does it belong to another Part in the Assembly?


          Edit:  I didn't see the part about mate references.  Sorry about that.

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            Casey Bergman

            I am going to say it is not possible, this based on my experience recently where I was not able to use anything other than actual geometry for mate references.  I was trying to put in a split line and setup the mate reference to that but it wouldn't let me.

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              Igor Moskalenko

              It is possible, and it is very desirable. I always do it and why you do not can do it ?

              You may snap your parts to sketch made in assembly or to sketch that belong some driving part taken in the envelope or to sketch that belong to part saved inside the assembly.

              Inserting in assemly driving part taken in envelope is the best as for me. So you can manage your assembly by simply editing the driving part.