Kirk Jess

Update of existing Routing components

Discussion created by Kirk Jess on Oct 3, 2007
Ok, I think I have finally nailed down why my backviews of connectors have not been showing up on the harness drawing.

Looks like I need to run the Routing Component Wizard. Now this is fine and dandy when creating a new component to add to the library, but I have over 200 components made that worked fine in SW05. I now have to run this wizard to update my components and recreate all of my 2d views. The problem is my 2d views have the pin locations denoted with a leader. The leader now disappears from the block. I have to manually edit all of my blocks to remove the leaders and move the text next to the pin locations. Who is the knucklehead who decided to change this??
There is now a "000" & "111" which now designates the insertion point. I now can't move my 2d block to make room because it is tied to this "feature"?!?!!? Why would SW lock down the ability to move this info?
So who from SW now wants to come over and update all of my components & 2d views? Ridiculous to change the way these things are controlled. Don't get me wrong, I really do like the routing package, but I now have to update over a hundred different drawings with 200-300 components corrections that need to be done first.
And this is in SW07. I can't wait to see the "upgrades" in 08. Who know maybe I can waste my time twice.