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hole centermark rotation when using "Align drawing view"

Question asked by Roark Summerford on Nov 23, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 30, 2015 by Roark Summerford

Howdy all,


I have been playing with large top down designs recently and have a little pet peeve that is bugging me.

When I create virtual parts in assemblies I maintain the assembly origin for all of the parts. 


What bugs me is when I import a fairly "square" part into a drawing it comes in with its "installed" orientation in the assembly.


I like to use align drawing view to an edge to get the part to look appropriate on the drawing sheet.


When I do this the hole center marks stay in their original orientation... is there a way to get them to re-orient to the page automatically or do I have to adjust every single one manually? Or is there a reason ANSI it doesn't do this... I look that up now.