Another Intellimouse Question

Discussion created by Guest on Sep 28, 2006
Latest reply on Aug 9, 2016 by Mark Barltrop
Just installed a 5 button optical intellimouse, and now cannot get SW (2006) to recognize the middle (wheel) button click for dynamic rotation. "Spinning" the scroll wheel zooms in and out just fine, but "clicking" the scroll button does nothing. I have gone into the mouse software and made changes from the default when running SW. I have tried the settings "disable" and "middle click", to no avail. I have even remapped the button to a keystroke which I set up in SW for rotate. It doesn't even see this.

I am using Intellipoint V5.5 mouse software.

I have used this same mouse on other systems with SW, and it works just fine for the rotate function. What am I missing???????