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    Convert to late binding

    Sean Fan



      I have a lot of troubles with early binding recently. I get either corrupted macros, or solidworks crash.

      either way, I cannot open or edit my macros at all.

      I had to open the macro with other versions of solidworks, and uncheck all the references. save.

      then I can open my macros.


      after a while it may corrupt again.


      I moved from early binding to late binding to avoid checking boxes in reference.


      'for the program, it is pretty clear I can do this.

      dim swApp as object


      swApp = CreateObject("SldWorks.Application")


      but how do i bind a model to ModelDoc2, and ModelDocExtion?

      tried CreateObject("ModelDoc2.SldWorks") CreateObject("ModelDoc2.Application") and all combinations.

      VBA told me, i cannot create object in ActiveX.


      Could anyone brief me where I can get the strings for CreateObject method, and how I can bind to objects other than SldWorks.Application.