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Radial deformation of a thin sheet

Question asked by Freddie Santiago on Nov 23, 2015

Hi Everyone:

I have a thin circularly symmetric sheet of material, which I apply a cylindrical fixture(Fixture on cylindrical faces) in order to stretch radially and look at the deformation. That works perfect. The next thing I am trying to do is to perform the same test, but with the sheet not been circularly symmetric, it does not deviate much from been circular, but I get the error that this type of fixture need to be applied to cylindrical surfaces, which I understand that is the case. My question is what type of fixture I could use to stretch radially this new sheet and look at the deformation? The idea is to compare the circularly symmetric case to non circularly symmetric case radial deformation of the material. Will appreciate any help or suggestions,  I am fairly new to simulation with SW.