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Property Tab Builder, use Custom Tab or Configuration Specific

Question asked by Tony Thompson on Nov 22, 2015
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I am working on building some Custom Property Tab Templates for Part and Assembly files that populates our title blocks and BOM and I was wondering which is the preferred or recommended tab to save the custom properties under. The File Properties has the Custom Tab and you also have the Configuration Specific Tab. Currently I have the Part Custom Properties under the Custom Tab and I have the Assembly Custom Properties under the Configuration Specific Tab but I am thinking it might be better to just save all of the under the Configuration Specific Tab across the board. The majority of our parts do not have multiple configurations but our starter part files for our family of part types do have multiple configuration to allow for different features that are sometimes used but not always. We also typically have a default configuration in our assembly files and also an Assembly View configuration that has an exploded view that we use to create our assembly drawings and we may also have a few display states so we can have some parts turned off in some views while being visible in other views for clarity.


Also I am using SolidWorks 2015 sp4





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