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Multibody part numbering in weldments

Question asked by Ivan Lončar on Nov 22, 2015

I dont have much experience in macros, but I have some problems and lot of manual work, that can be avoided, as it seems.


can you make one macro for me, or you already have one similar:


in multibody part surrounding, as I work in weldments a lot, I need to manualy add a partnumber property and to type a specific name for each Cut-list-item (e.g. PL121, PL122, PL123 etc...), witch I then use in weldment cut tables. I some times have few hunderts parts, so its is time consuming!

Can you make me a macro that would do that for me automatically?

to have a prefix ( e.g. PL__)  and that partnumber mark increments by one (1) as I make new solidbodies  and that there is no different position with same mark.


please your help...



thanks in advanse...