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Struggling with assembly configuration for controlling drawing views

Question asked by Murray Edington on Nov 21, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 29, 2015 by Murray Edington

I'm trying to create a set of drawings, each sheet showing an a hydraulic ram assembly in a different position. I've tried to create a set of configurations within the assembly, one for each position, so I can call each up as required to show the piston in different positions.


I was expecting to find a "configurations" rollout offering "this configuration"/"all configurations"/"specify configurations" radio buttons, at which point I'd select "this configuration". But I can't see those choices anywhere. I seem to have created the configurations and can activate each in turn but they don't cause the assembly to reconfigure and the bottom line is that although I call them up as configurations within my drawings, they all show the assembly in the last state I left it in. It looks as if I'm changing all of the configurations when I change the mate distance, despite apparently activating a different config in each case.


If I understood the various references correctly (the SW help, Solidworks for Beginners, The Solidworks Bible, Youtube guides etc), I would create a new configuration ("add configuration"), make the changes (change a mate distance in this case) then save the assembly again. I would do this for each new configuration, ending up with 3 configs in my case. Then, when I wanted to show the piston in one of those positions in a drawing view, I'd call the right configuration up in the drawing properties.I seem to have done all that but still no cigar.


Can anyone suggest where I am going wrong here? It feels as if it's one of those simple problems that's staring me in the face but I can't see it. It may be that the critical controls have been moved in recent releases - I'm using 2014.


I tried a really simple assembly (a nut and bolt) with just 2 mates (concentric and distance) and I still have the same problem.