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Feature Driven Component Pattern Fails in Parent Assembly Only

Question asked by Bill Schmid on Nov 20, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 20, 2015 by S. Casale

1.0 Assembly - Error message saying "1.1 Sub-assembly has rebuild errors"

     1.1 Sub-assembly - home of feature driven component pattern

          1.2 Sub-assembly

               1.3 Sub-assembly

                    1.4 Part - home of feature pattern


I have the structure shown above in SolidWorks 2013, SP 5.0.  I patterned a feature in 1.4.  Up in 1.1 Sub-assembly, there are a number of components that assemble to the feature in 1.4, so I did a feature driven component pattern (FDCP) to pattern those components.  1.1 is used in 1.0.  After creating the FDCP, I go up to 1.0 and everything rebuilds fine.


But then I close everything and re-open 1.0 Assembly.  It says "1.1 Sub-assembly has rebuild errors".  But when I open 1.1, there's no errors.  If I edit the FDCP from within 1.0, make no changes and accept it, the error goes away until then next close and re-open.


I've tried recreating the pattern, but it didn't help.  I also thought it might have been because the components weren't all grouped together in the model tree - so I reordered them and recreated the pattern.  But that didn't work either.


Has anyone experienced anything like this and found a solution?  And unfortunately, no, I can't upload the models.