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Torsion in rectangular bar

Question asked by Stephen Callegari on Nov 21, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 25, 2015 by Stephen Callegari

I am trying to calculate the torsion in a rectangular bar.

I have found closed form calculations in Shigley, Roark, and a NZ structural code which all agree (within 10% or less).

However, the solid works simulation of the same geometry is higher:


b = 4"

t = 1"

L = 3"

T = 10,000 in*lbf


Tau (Shigley) = 8.63 ksi

Tau (Roark) = 8.63 ksi

Tau (NZS 4404) ~9 ksi

Tau (FEA) = 11.65 ksi


The FEA results are 35% higher.

Has anyone every experienced this


Results are attached below: