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Am I missing any important templates?

Question asked by Eric Blankinship on Nov 20, 2015
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I have been recently setting up for our company all of our default templates within SolidWorks as well as creating some new libraries to help engineers out.  Currently I am setting up all the various File Location Paths and then going to have IT map my System Option settings to all computers so that all the locations are properly linked.  I think I have just about everything setup that we need but I wanted to ask generally here if there is anything important that I need to setup that I might be missing.


Currently Have:

  • Company Drawing templates saved off as .DRWDOT Files as well as .slddrt setup for both new drawings as well as switching out the background layer
  • Default Part Template file saved as .PRTDOT
  • Default Assembly Template file saved as .ASMDOT
  • Custom Part Library setup
  • Custom Material Library setup
  • Custom Properties templates saved off as .prtprp (not necessary to select as they are included in the default part & assembly templates as active)
  • Company drawing standard saved as .sldstd (not necessary to select as is selected by default in all drawing template)


Intentionally Avoided:

  •     BOM is not used by company and instead drawing templates are setup to insert information from the custom properties template


Currently the system was setup with no default templates and the only thing we had was drawing templates that we downloaded from database so no default documents that I have to add but wanting to know if there is anything critical I am overlooking.


Thanks for feedback in advance